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melan marquez


melan marquez

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About me
hi nhello there!"MABUHAY"(welcome!)here in the PHILIPPINES and thanks for reaching! If you will notice that my username is"melanmar",shortened name"melanie marquez",itS just only should I say my"screename"...i used this because shes the 3rd Asian Miss International titleholder and many said that we are having the same even if not exactly,absolutely,totaly in height but in face profile that realy made glad and proud of...iM honestly and frankly a gay male,seeking any age/gender,i realy wish hope that you won't discriminate but perhaps accept,respect,treat me as a normal human kind aswhat and who iM and we could be friends,itS my friend who convinced,encouraged,inspired me to be a part of this sight w/c is realy my very 1st time w/this once and alifetime experience that i'll neverever forget

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