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Add me on yahoo if interested to chat with me .. emerald.devou@yahoo.com

About Me

About Myself

About me
hey guys ! im hot and sexy dudes:) i like to play hot fun:) thats why im here and i like to meet new people its always nice to know new person and communicate ! i like also have fun! like to satisfy dude! im open to any hot sexy desire and fantasy! i like to play hot and bring guy satisfaction! i want to make u feel the best in my room! come in! join me ! i wait for you guys! be sure im the one!! kiss

Turn On's:
i like to play with hot Dude's who are hard and extreremly horny! i like big dicks! like hot touches!! .... everywhere no limits in my pvt! very welcome for hot fun and hot sex!! who doesn't like hot fun?everybody does! but only me knows how to make u , Dude's , happy!

first date:
I think the best first date I ever had or have been on is one where the man is not pushy, he shows a true interest in me personally, flirting is fine, yet not overboard, and also he is capable of showing a general interest in things that I'm interested in.... For instance: If you have talked and he is aware you are interested in viewing the stars, he will go that extra little length to arrange something so that you can view them and teach him a few things you may know ~~ basically that he shows an interest in you in a way other than A Sexual one. And if a man understands that some women need time to dial in there feelings since we are more emotional creatures, and men usually are more on a visual and sexual innuendo levels, due to there natures.....if they can slow down and let nature take

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anneprescilla Add me on yahoo if interested to chat with me .. emerald.devou@yahoo.com
2147 days ago

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