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Isabel Argana


Isabel Argana

About Me

About Myself

About me
I am a simple woman who only wants to find the right man for me. I am contented to the life I have right now. I live happy everyday :) Problem? Problem for me is a job. So I don't call call the problem as "PROBLEM" instead I call it a Job. Because when there's a problem we always think to solve it,so by solving the problem it becomes a job now. So I am happy go-lucky woman. I live my day like it's the last day of my life. I like to sing on karaoke :) (not in the bathroom) I also dance. I love reading books,surfing on internet,traveling,talking a lot (but I'm not talkative),I love eating,I like trying new things that I had never been done before (that's why NEW).

But after all of it,I love staying at home too. Doing some chores. Sometimes I'm a loner. I really got used to be a loner sometimes. But not most of the time. But I love to socialize with the other people too. So I'm flexible. :)

I love Watching stars at night,walking at the beach,swimming,biking. I love playing Volleyball,Table tennis,Tennis,Badminton.

I am a good woman you could ever meet if you will given a chance to meet me :) you will be lucky. I am honest,sweet,caring,sincere and serious.

That's all.

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