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new here..... wishing to find my luck....

About Me

About Myself

About me
Since i was young,,i always dream and hope to find true love and have a happy
family of my own...Its my greatest dream and desire in life..I am
caring,understanding,sincere,understanding,kind-hearted and loyal person...I
have the qualities to be a good partner,love,friend,mother and a wife..I can do
anything for love and sacrifice my all in the name of love...I am a hopeless
romantic type of woman and when i fall in love, i give it my best...I am very
optimistic that one day i will fine my one soulmate, my true love, my
husband...I have a strong faith in GOD,that one day he will bless me with a
husband that i deserve..And together we will build a loving and happy family of
our own..We will both grow old together and even if our hair turns into grey,we
will still love each other...And even if challenges comes our way,i promise him
that things may change but my love for him wont..If it does change,it will be
for the better..This is me, the kind of woman thats WHO i am....

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I am a
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pagadian city

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angela new here..... wishing to find my luck....
2140 days ago

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