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Kyla Wong


Kyla Wong
All i want is to be happy and try an easy life. LUCK is too harsh at me. :(

About Me

About Myself

About me
I am Kyla Wong. I am a half filipino and half chinese. I don't have a mother and father because they left me when i was still an infant. I haven't seen them for 19 years already. I lived with my grandparents who also don't have enough money to raise me and send me to school. When i was young i already know what is being' independent. I find a job even a little job to help me with my expenses especially on food to eat everyday. I had a 2year old baby boy who is half australian. but he don't have a father. i raised him all by myself and hardwork. I just hope i can find someone here who's very generous, kind and lovable who can accept me for who and what i am.

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Kyla Wong added 11 new photos in Me and my Son KEAN RHAYJ. :) album
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i love him.. he is my angel and my strength. I love you my son.
777 days ago
Kyla Wong added 11 new photos in Me and Only me. :) album
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i love taking pictures. It's a stress reliever for me. :D
777 days ago

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