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About Me

About Myself

About me
First off i just want to say that I am an easy-going person, Not a very confrontational person but when i need to be I will.

I am a very Shy person when it comes to meeting New people, and people think i am actually younger then i am, so do not let appearances deceive you, But once ya get ta now me I am not so shy.

Music is what i love, i play guitar, write my own songs, Friends say that i can sing but uh yea, I like listening to all kinds of music but recently Bruno Mars has been getting to me love his lyrics and the way he sings.

i ike to try thing, i like hiking, and traveling, i like to go snowboarding, i am willing to try a lot of stuff depending on what it is
foods that i like is uh any but my favorite is. Japanese food, Pho, Chinese food, And RICE i love rice

and for you subscribers u can figure out a way to reach me u can find me on the Book of Faces with my first and last name

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