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Mathew Brima


Mathew Brima

About Me

About Myself

About me
Lets have fun.
It is time to enjoy it. I love meeting people and trying different things. I have a need for love and tenderness that will never go away. I believe in true love. I feel that true love is deep down in the bottom of everyone’s heart, and all that is needed is the right person to bring that true love out. I am a very emotional, positive and supportive person that enjoys being part of others and helping others. If asked I will admit that I do enjoy and put a high priority on being intimate, however this is only a small part of what it takes to create a relationship full of “true love’. Relationships cannot be built on only one great thing. I enjoy everything from great conversations over coffee to cuddling in the morning. I like to keep busy and active, this could include any o

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