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john Olu



About Me

About Myself

About me
I am warm-hearted, friendly, passionate, understanding and considerate.

I flourish when needed and valued, i am thoughtful and always ready to help, i demonstrate love in a practical way and often do so much for others that i feel stressed and over-loaded. Often i more concerned about the needs of others than my own needs.

I have a strong need for harmony, i seek to avoid conflict, always trying not to disappoint or offend anyone and am inclined to avoid painful candour. I have an eye for others' strengths and merits and am generous with praise

I are sociable, companionable, warm-hearted and affable, Am times i feel that i am a talkative and i enjoying chatting with just about anybody. I am an ingratiating host, i take care to ensure that all guests feel welcome and at home. it is impor

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