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sydney perry


sydney perry

About Me

About Myself

About me
I'm 33 and a single lady with no kids. I'm a licensed Practical Nurse. I love learning new things and am constantly trying to figure out ways to do or make or fix things myself. I'm a very curious girl who wants to know everything, and how it works. I'm extremely random. I tend to bounce from subject to subject when talking. Most people find it hard to keep up with me.Hell I find it hard to keep up with me?
Ive been in only 3 real relationships. Each one Completely Opposite from the last
The first one lasted 7 years and ended in a quiet break up with no fights. The second one was the worst and lasted 2 LOOONG years. He really did a number on me. There was a lot of emotional turmoil and confusion, a huge lack of trust due to an abundance of lies and deception and more lies. And even physi

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