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iLookYou.com is a social networking service that allows Members to create unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with old and new friends. The services offered by iLookYou.com ("iLookYou" or "iLookYou.com") include the iLookYou.com website (the "Website" or the "iLookYou Website"), the iLookYou.com Internet messaging service, and any other features, content, or applications offered from time to time by iLookYou.com in connection with the iLookYou Website (collectively, the "iLookYou Services"). The iLookYou Services are hosted in United States.

As a visitor or member of iLookYou.com, you agree with these terms and conditions by visiting the site, by using the site, or by registering as a member. iLookYou can change these conditions at any time. Modified versions will take effect 30 days after being published on this website.

By registering you agree that you are providing true, accurate, current & complete information, and that you have the legal competence to complete such an agreement. Minors should have the permission of one of their parents or legal guardian before registering. In any case, you should be older than 16 to register. iLookYou is at liberty to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason and without previous warning. All members are liable for the consequences of using this site. iLookYou may cease to provide the service, as well as block or delete a membership at any time and without warning. In the case of conflict with one or more other (non) members, iLookYou will not be liable for any damages, of any kind, in the present or in the future that are the result of said conflict.

Profile data, pictures and other public data
All public data must not be in violation of any law or statute. You explicitly accept this statement and you are responsible (according to civil and criminal law) for the data, text and pictures that you publish. All data you upload or post must not violate or infringe upon the rights of authors, patents or trademarks, or the intellectual, privacy, personality or publicity rights of a third party. All data you upload or post may not be misleading, threatening, defamatory or tormenting.

Complaints procedure
You are required to report any detrimental or illegal information/public data found on our site to contact@iLookYou.com or by the "Report Abuse" page in a timely manner. If iLookYou finds your complaint about content posted by another member to be justified, any offending content will be removed. The complaints procedure is in accordance with article 14 of the EU-directive 2000/31/CE concerning electronic commerce.

Fees & Charges
The services of iLookYou are free of charge


All text, pictures, drawings, graphics on this website are copyright protected. You can print them for private use. Any other usage whatsoever requires permission from iLookYou. When a user enters data that is meant to be viewable to the public via iLookYou, including but not limited to text, pictures, images, drawings or graphics for a profile, comment entry, a photo description, etcetera, the user grants iLookYou an unlimited licence to disseminate, use, process, translate or modify this data. Anyone may add a link to this website or to individual products or pages on this site, without consent. Exceptions are the use of frames and/or any technique which makes it unclear to a visitor on which website s/he is browsing.

iLookYou RESERVES ALL RIGHTS AND DENIES ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER. iLookYou PROVIDES NO GUARANTEES EXPLICIT OR IMPLIED OF THE RELIABILITY, SAFETY OR RECOMMENDED NATURE OF THE SERVICE. All rights are reserved, except for those explicitly denied. iLookYou denies all responsibility and restricts its liability to the legal minimum concerning the content of publications; or the damage that may follow from it. iLookYou can not and does not guarantee that iLookYou will function uninterrupted and without errors. iLookYou gives absolutely no guarantees about the results of using this website, nor about the reliability or correctness of the information that can be found. This site is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. iLookYou doesn't give any guarantee about the functionality of this site, the information, the content, the materials or the products that are presented on this site. To the extent allowed by law, iLookYou rejects any guarantee, explicit or implicit. iLookYou can not be held responsible for any kind of damage resulting from the use of this website, including but not restricted to direct or indirect damage. As a user, you assume complete responsibility and liability, without protest, for any information you publish and/or any activity in which you engage on or via your profile. You are not only liable and responsible for the items you publish on your page, blog, photo album etc., but also for the comments and responses that others publish on your page. You can remove undesired content via your User Control Panel. Links to other websites, including banners, buttons and text links, are the responsibility of the owner of the links. iLookYou can prevent the linking to other websites and can prosecute if these are not according to personal, normal and non-commercial use.

Personal, normal and non-commercial use
This website may only be used for personal, non-commercial use. You may not use this website in an irregular manner, for any unlawful purpose or any purpose contrary to the conditions and warnings in this text or in other text. You have to use the entire website as a normal, careful and reasonable human being.

Warnings and others
You are supposed to read and understand all warnings, disclaimers & policies on this site. Any continued use of this site from now on will be seen as an explicit consent in regards to these documents.

Other conditions
Other conditions for some services, such as the code of conduct, warnings, software licenses and price settings, are addendums to these conditions.

The use of usernames, logins, passwords and or entry codes (from now on "login data") are the sole responsibility of the user. The user is required to maintain the confidentiality and security of the login data. The user is required to immediately inform iLookYou of a breech or abuse of login data via an email to contact@iLookYou.com, the email must contain the subject line "LOGIN".

Territorial use

This agreement and the relationship between you and this site shall be governed by the laws of Canada without regard to its conflict of law provisions. You and iLookYou agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within Montreal, Canada.


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